Final Year Club

What are Final Year Clubs?

Final Year Clubs (FYCs) are a group of student volunteers who organise school events and fundraisers with the aim to raise money for their year’s Final Year Jackets, Final Year Trip, and Graduation Ball. Each year’s club is responsible for certain school events and are encouraged to use these events to fundraise for their year group.

1st Years:

The Final Year FYC should help you set up your FYC Committee. From there, it is up to you how you would like your committee to run!

You can have committee roles that can be held for the entirety of your course or you can shuffle them every year. At the very least you need one representative to have their contact info on the website (below) and two representatives to attend the VP of FYCs meeting held once per semester. Submit these names to the Final Year FYC so they can be added to the Big Group Of FYCs and be invited to the meeting.

You may want to ask for a few pounds from everyone in your year to start off your account. Open a bank account (Top Tip: put 2-3 people on the account but only UK citizens otherwise the paperwork gets too complicated).


– You are responsible for decorating the school for Christmas. Ask reception for access to the decorations and make sure the school is decorated by the first week of December so every year can bask in some holiday joy before exams!

– You are also responsible for the Christmas night out. This should be after the last vet exam of the year (find out when this is by asking all the years on The Big Group Of FYCs). Call up clubs in Edinburgh to ask for discounted cover (or none at all) and charge students for tickets (usually a few pounds). This is your first money-making event!

2nd Years:

Mummies & Daddies – choose a theme, coordinate with Rugby Disco and Rugby Ball, organise the club night and sell tickets to First Years. Ideally, try and subsidise some of the alcohol costs to your year if possible.

Halloween Night out – organise club night out at a location of your choosing and open up tickets the vet school.

3rd Years:

Halfway Ball – start planning as soon as you’re back from summer holidays! Choose a theme and the book venue well in advance (often requiring a deposit). Make sure to organise decorations, a photographer, DJ, ceilidh band and sell tickets to your year group.

GEP Mixer – usually a quiz night. Book venue, sort food deal (and make sure there’s lots of it), make a quiz and sell tickets to GEPs and 3rd years. The aim of the event is to allow 3rd Years on the 5-year programme and Y2 GEPs to mingle and get to know each other better.

4th Years:

Final Year Jackets – choose jacket (previous brands have included Musto and Ariat) and order samples of all sizes for “try-on sessions”, ideally before the end of Semester 1. Get embroidery quote and aim to get as many sponsors as possible to minimise the cost. Collect money and get names in plenty of time to make sure to can fulfil the order. You need to get jackets back from embroiderers during Final Year Prep (Aril/May), so aim to send off before Easter Holiday.

College Ball – similar to Halfway Ball but on a much bigger scale as this involved the whole school! Make sure to get in touch with the Head of School for an iconic speech. Tradition dictates that the event is promoted with a video! You must get sponsors to help cover the costs of the event.

Scrub Tops – can get a sponsor to subsidise costs of these if you need. You must get burgundy scrub tops with the R(D)SVS logo, taking orders from your year group as needed. This follows a similar embroidery timeline as for jackets.

End of the Year Night out – organise club night after your final exam of the year in May!

5th Years

First-Year & GEP Hewats order – coordinate with the school to send order forms to incoming first-years and GEPs. Collect money, order clothes and hand out in time for first practicals.

Freshers Week – organise night out events for freshers week, including: Three-Legged Pub Crawl, Safari Supper, Sports Toga Night and Ceilidh. Don’t forget to design and print Fresher’s T-shirts.

Graduation Ball – to celebrate graduation with family, friends and staff!

Final Year Revue – book venue (George Square), create hilarious videos and put on a show!

FY Trip – plan trip (including flights, accommodation, activities, etc.) for people who want to relax and unwind after finally finishing vet school.


FYC Calendar of events!

First Years Second Years Third Years Fourth Years Final Years Other
August GEP Hewats Order
September Freshers week

Hewats Order

(5-Year Programme)

Rugby Disco (Rugby Club)

Mini Vet Guides (FYC 2020)

October Mummies & Daddies


Rugby Ball (Rugby Club)
November Naked Calendar AVS

Dick Day

December Christmas decorations

Christmas Night Out

Christmas market (DVSU)
January Halfway Ball Staff/Student Dinner Pre-Burns Supper

Sports Clubs Tours

February GEP mixer Sports Club Tours

Night of Fun (DVSU)

Valentines (FYC 2021)

March Easter Night Out  


April College Ball

Scrub Tops

FY Revue Dodgeball (FYC 2021)

Auld boys

May End of Year: Night Out

Final Year Jackets

June Final Year Trip  


July Graduation Ball  


Contact information for each year:

  • FYC 2024 (Final year):
  • FYC 2025 (4th year):
  • FYC 2026 (3rd year):
  • FYC 2027 (2nd year):
  • FYC 2028 (1st year):