Who’s Who

DVSU Student Committee


The President of the DVSU oversees the running of the student union and the committee members. They work alongside the administration to make sure that student voices are heard and appropriately represented. We welcome new ideas that will make the vet school experience a positive one! This year the committee will be working hard to promote our new subcommittee’s work on Equality and Diversity and Student Welfare. We’ll also continue to run events that bring the vet school community together and make everyone feel welcome!

Bernadine Cardoza

Marco Wilson

Administration Officers

The Administration Officers assists the DVSU President in organizing, running and informing the school about monthly DVSU meetings. They also manage and regularly update the DVSU website alongside other social media accounts including Facebook and Instagram.

Sylvie Becker

Pompam Pholha

Promotional Shop Officers

The Promotional Shop Officers up-keeps the Promotional shop stocks, orders and co-ordinate handouts. Contact them at DickVetSU.Promotions@ed.ac.uk

Rebecca McHard

Yurika Uemura


Academic Liaison: Marco Wilson

The Academic Liaison is the main person that ensures that there is always student representation at important administrative meetings. They attend all meetings alongside the president to provide consistent representation for the students. The academic liaison attends meetings such as the Learning & Teaching Committee meetings, Curriculum Innovation Group meetings, and others to make sure that the student voice is heard.

Vice President of Finance: Rowan Calder

The VP of Finance oversees all aspects of the management of the DVSU finances. They make sure that the finances are appropriately used for DVSU approved events and activities and assists any clubs or societies with any problems they may have with their own finances. The VP of Finance also oversees the operation of the Dick Vet Promotions shop (Dick Vet Promotions).

Finance Officer: Amy Wilson

The Finance Officer works alongside the VP of Finance to ensure the proper management of DVSU finances. This includes understanding how finances are appropriately delegated for DVSU events and activities and assisting with the operation of the Dick Vet Promotions Shop.

Vice President of Final Year Clubs: Isabelle Towel

The VP of FYCs is to be the liaison between the DVSU and each year’s FYC committee. They oversee all the FYCs to ensure that they cooperate and communicate with one another on fundraising events, social events, etc. Additionally, they will also be a sounding board for the FYCs, so that any problems that arise can be brought to the DVSU.

President of Athletics & Societies: Alice Bastow

The President of Athletics & Societies is the main point of contact for all groups, societies, and sports teams at the vet school. They are a member of the Jimmy Speed committee, organises Dick Day, and works with all the other VPs to promote sporting events and social events to boost student community.

VP of Athletics & Societies: Hardie Bryce

The VP of Athletics & societies assists the President of Athletics & Societies in all of the above responsibilities.

Students Association UG School Rep: Estelle Estelle Marrier D’Une

The Students’ Association UG School Rep is the individual that connects the vet school to the main university. They attend the Student Council meetings and student rep forums to represent the vet school and to stay connected with what is happening around the rest of the university. They are also in charge of setting up each year’s Class Representatives and provides them with the proper training at the beginning of the year.

Senior AVS Rep: Nicky Shaw

The Senior AVS Rep is the Dick Vet’s connection to the rest of the vet schools across the UK. They attend regular meetings with the AVS committee, which is comprised of reps from all vet schools in the UK and Ireland. They also promote the association’s work and is the main point of contact for all AVS related events such as Sports Weekend and Congress.

Stonegate Rep: Cassie Collimore

Student Welfare Subcommittee

Vice President of Welfare: Shaun P’ng

The VP of Welfare works closely along with other VPs to create and run student welfare related events. They are in charge of organising the annual welfare week and plans the school-wide events such as the Halloween event, Dick Vet Christmas Market, and much more!

The Welfare Officer works alongside the VP of Welfare, helping to run the DVSU Welfare Subcommittee. This branch of the DSVU has been set up to help strengthen the idea of a caring community and is here to support all students through running activities and workshops based around the 5 ways to wellbring (give, learn, be active, be mindful, connect).

Welfare: Naomi Milner

Welfare: Cindy Zhao

Mindfulness Coordinator: TBC

The Mindfulness Coordinator works to organize workshops and events that encourage self-love, acceptance and help to identify what it means to “take notice”..

Giving Coordinator: TBC

The Giving Coordinator works to establish connections with local charities and organize fundraising activities to provide support. They will work with the Connection Coordinator to encourage charitable random acts of kindness amongst the community.

Active Coordinator: TBC

The Active Coordinator organizes activities (with a competitive aspect) including treasure hunts, sports events, walks and gym sessions. They also connect with the Giving Coordinator to organize larger scale charity activities such as run runs.

Connection Coordinator: TBC

The Connection Coordinator aims to build a community within the vet school and the wider community outside of campus.

Learning Coordinator: TBC

The Learning Coordinator works to establish links with societies outside of the veterinary sphere and to organize talks on different “non-vet” subjects.

Equality & Diversity Subcommittee


Vice President Equality & Diversity: TBC

The VP of Equality and Diversity works with other representatives (BVEDs, BVLGBT+, Disabilities Representatives) to address any issues surrounding equality and diversity on campus. They ensure that all student voices from varied backgrounds are heard, that all decisions made align with equality legislation and do not discriminate. As such, they work to continuously engage students and staff in discussions on equality and diversity to facilitate a more inclusive and understanding community at R(D)SVS.

BVLGBT+ Rep: Ida Tomas

The BVLGBT+ Rep will represent the views of students at the R(D)SVS who self-define as LGBT+. they work in coordination with the DVSU to run campaigns and events aimed at increasing LGBT+ awareness and visibility all while enhancing support for the LGBT+ community on campus.

BVEDs Rep: Ned Binns

The BVEDs Representative stands with and for all veterinary students that face issues with ethnicity and diversity within the profession. They aim to facilitate safe and constructive conversations about race, ethnicity, diversity and discrimination – and how these issues can be better addressed within the school. Ultimately, they ensure veterinary students of all backgrounds are heard, supported and represented.

Disabilities Rep: Amy Wilson

The Disabilities Rep will represent the views of students at the R(D)SVS who self-define as disabled. They work in coordination with the DVSU to run campaigns and events aimed at increasing disability awareness and visibility all while enhancing support for the disabled community on campus.